Welcome to Tatlayoko Fold

This is the home of the Tatlayoko Fold - purebred highland cattle, shetland sheep, tamworth pigs and blue slate turkeys. All these breeds are chosen for their ability to thrive on grass and in our wild extremes. They are all rare breeds not commonly seen on the farms and ranches in tamer parts of the world, but we believe have the qualities needed to excel in our wild corner of the world. As a result, we breed and cull aiming to produce animals that will excel on a grass based diet, foraging outside in all weather and still producing a delicious and healthful meat without resorting to feedlots or artificial additives.

Our Breeds

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Grass-fed Beef

Our beef is grass-fed/grass-finished for three reasons: 1) it is better for the animal, 2) better for the consumer and 3) better for us. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality possible and the results speak for themselves.

Featured Animals for Sale

Zeballos of Tatlayoko
[CAN] 16031 - Red. Born April 7, 2012.  This dark brindle bull has been one to watch right from the start! He...
NO PAPERS - Available in a range of colours.. Born April 1, 2016.  HIGHLAND BEEF! Raise or finish your own beef by purchasing your own 2016 born...
Woden of Tatlayoko
[CAN] 15343 - Light Red. Born June 26, 2009.  Woden has been our herd sire for years now and with many breeds he might...
2017 lambs
pending - all kinds. Born April 14, 2017.  Lambing is in full swing here and we will soon be posting photos of the...